Police say Bourke Street mall attacker who died in hospital after being shot was known to them

Man sets truck on fire, stabs three in Australian terror attack

Attacker sets truck full of gas cylinders on fire, kills one in stabbing in Melbourne

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The Bourke Street knifeman was shot dead by police after setting a truck on fire and fatally stabbing one person

Chaos, confusion and a man with a shopping trolley: How bedlam unfolded on Bourke Street

As a truck blazes in the background, a man flails a knife at police officers, who backpedal desperately. Bystanders jump into the fray, one wielding a chair, another a shopping trolley, before the assailant is finally neutralised.

Australia: Police say Melbourne stabbing attack is 'terrorism'

Police have identified attack as a 'terrorism incident' after a man stabs three people in Melbourne, before being shot.

LOOK: Melbourne knife attacker's car was 'laden with gas cylinders' | IOL News

A Somali man who stabbed three people in Melbourne drove a car laden with gas cylinders which caught fire and police are ...

A knife-wielding attacker killed one person and injured two others in a rush hour stabbing rampage in downtown Melbourne Friday, before being shot and captured by police. Witnesses said the man began attacking pedestrians near a pickup truck apparently belonging to the attacker which had exploded into flames. Australian police said one person died at the scene and another two others were being treated for their injuries.

Lone wolf attacker, who was known to police, sets car alight and stabs pedestrians in busy Melbourne street.

A Somali-born man set fire to a pickup truck laden with gas cylinders in the centre of the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday and stabbed three people, killing one, before he was shot by police in a rampage they called an act of terrorism.

PICS: Knife-wielding attacker goes on rampage in Melbourne | IOL News

Several people were stabbed in Melbourne and a man was arrested after an incident in the centre of the city crowded with pedestrians and shoppers.

Multiple people have been hurt in a rush hour stabbing incident in Melbourne's central business district, police say, after they apprehended a suspect near a burning vehicle.