An outbreak of salmonella food poisoning now appears to have affected residents around Durban - but the source is unclear at this stage. Social media users took to Facebook this week, to complain about having fallen ill - after dining at Old Town Italy.

Imported eggs suspected in Durban's Salmonella outbreak

Salmonella bacteria‚ most likely from contaminated eggs‚ has put at least 30 people in the greater Durban area in hospital‚ and sickened many more.

At least 11 people have fallen ill with salmonella food poisoning, after dining at an upmarket Umhlanga eatery - with many having landed up in hospital, including at least one oncology patient. And reports of cases around the city - emanating from different sources - are now beginning to surface. In a post on its Facebook page, Old Town Italy says over the last three days it's received reports of people getting sick after eating their breakfasts.

Fears of salmonella outbreak at uMhlanga eatery | The Mercury

At least 20 people have been hospitalised with suspected salmonella food poisoning after eating at the popular Old Town Italy restaurant in uMhlanga.