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  • DA, EFF shifting left and right
  • Our previously tame Parliament is reclaiming itself after Zuma's rule of fear
  • Can Malema simply be 'unexpelled' from the ANC?
  • Food sovereignty the viable alternative to ANC, EFF land solutions
  • Can Ramaphosa, Lourenço and Mnangagwa change Africa's fortunes?
  • Ramaphosa: Not revolutionary to tell people to occupy land
  • Zuma to pay his own legal costs if he is found guilty of the charges against him, says Ramaphosa
  • Zuma's legal fees more than double the R15m cited by Ramaphosa
  • Ramaphosa dodges explaining land reform plan
  • Zuma gone, but vigilance essential for SA's energy future – Booysen
  • Land EWC will halt development of black middle class – Anthea Jeffery
  • DA, EFF shifting left and right | News | M&G

    Upper hand: President Ramaphosa, very calmly, dealt with the DA in such a way that they didn’t realise they were rebuked – and the normally explosive EFF leader Julius Malema acknowledged Ramaphosa as ‘presidential’.

  • DA, EFF shifting left and right :: Mail&Guardian

    The rejuvenated ruling party is having the opposition for breakfast, lunch and tea

  • There is no shift in the DA | Opinion | M&G

    “DA, EFF shifting left and right,” said the headline on page 6. This was followed by several hundred fawning words on President Ramaphosa and a baffling conclusion that the DA has started moving to the political right. The basis for this observation appears to be the President’s claim that the DA has resorted to what he calls “swart ...

  • DA, EFF shifting left and right -

    DA, EFF shifting left and right. The rejuvenated ruling party is having the opposition for breakfast, lunch and tea Read on the original site. هذه الصفحة هي مجرد قاریء تلقائي للأخبار باستخدام خدمة الـ RSS و بأن نشر هذه الأخبار هنا لاتعني تأییدها علی ...

  • Ra'eesa Pather | Mail & Guardian Journalist | Muck Rack

    Ra'eesa Pather Mail & Guardian. As seen in: Mail & Guardian. Is this you? ... DA, EFF shifting left and right. By Ra'eesa Pather, Khadija Patel. — Without the spectre of Jacob Zuma smiling beatifically over the National Assembly, opposition parties are struggling to get the better of the ANC. The Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF ...

  • EFF off and DA | Nic Borain

    Howzit Andre – There is lots I agree with here … I have also noticed the shift amongst my friends re EFF … many votes that are essentially from the broad church of the ANC, that would probably have gone to the ANC in almost any other circumstances, are going to vote EFF as a stick to beat ANC with, encourage them into a process of renewal.

  • Shifting Curves: Causes and Effects - lardbucket

    This is “Shifting Curves: Causes and Effects”, section 22.1 from the book ... the interest rate is lower (higher) at each level of Y, or in other words, the LM curve shifts right (left). That is because at any given level of output Y, more money (less money) means a lower (higher) interest rate. (Remember, the price level doesn’t change ...

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